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When 25 prints of a photo have been sold, or after a certain amount of time, it is locked in the Vault and replaced with a new photo.

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Sutro Tower at sunset.

Sutro Tower, SF

Limited Edition


The mountains south of Lake Tahoe captured from Kirkwood.

Tahoe Mountains

Limited Edition


The skyline of New York City from Gowanus, Brooklyn.

NYC Skyline

Limited Edition


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Invite powerful feelings from


into your living room.

Zach wearing a hat and looking to the right with his camera around his neck.

Our brains are constantly processing countless sights, sounds, and smells. Photography offers us the opportunity to capture a fraction of the thoughts and feelings associated with that sensory input.

Zach's primary goal with his Fine Art photography is to capture as much of the emotion he felt in a given moment, inspire the viewer, and transport them to literal and figurative places they may never have experienced.

His specific combination of knowledge, camera gear, editing software, and printing process yields magnificent artifacts well-suited for a living room, bedroom, office, or another space in your home.

After moving across the country from San Francisco and leaving a tech job, Zach decided to focus on photography full-time from his home in the Washington D.C. area.

For more details about Zach's photography philosophy, watch the video below.